About us

Welcome to Grove at Temple Terrace, where we pride ourselves on offering a vibrant and enriching living experience.

Our Story

Nestled within the charming community of Temple Terrace, we are more than just a residence; we’re a lifestyle. Our story is one of commitment to creating a thriving, comfortable, and modern living environment for our residents.

Our Mission

At Grove at Temple Terrace, our mission is to provide a sanctuary for individuals seeking not just a home, but a community. We’re dedicated to offering a haven where comfort, convenience, and luxury intersect.

What Sets Us Apart

Our commitment to excellence distinguishes us. We set ourselves apart by providing thoughtfully designed living spaces, an array of top-tier amenities, and a supportive community culture. Whether it’s our meticulously landscaped grounds, meticulously designed interiors, or our team’s dedication to service, every aspect of Grove at Temple Terrace is designed with our residents in mind.

Our Community

The heart of Grove at Temple Terrace is our diverse and engaging community. From professionals to families and everyone in between, our community fosters connections and experiences that make living here not just about the space but the people you share it with.

The Grove Experience

Experience modern living amidst a lush, serene environment. We take pride in offering high-quality amenities that complement a contemporary lifestyle. From our well-appointed fitness center to our relaxing pool area and meticulously maintained outdoor spaces, we ensure every resident can enjoy the Grove at Temple Terrace experience to the fullest.

Our Commitment

Our commitment extends beyond providing a place to live; it’s about creating an environment where you can thrive. We’re dedicated to meeting the needs of our residents and providing a home where comfort, convenience, and community converge.

At Grove at Temple Terrace, we invite you to be a part of a community where living goes beyond the ordinary.