Each Zodiac Sign’s Favourite Erogenous Zone As Per Astrology

Apart from the recent waxing session, there are many more reasons behind why you simply can’t stop touching that one part of your body or simply care too much about it. Happens, it could be your erogenous zone.

If we fast travel to the ancient times, astrologers, back in those days, deeply believed that all humans ruled over a certain body part (which is not false). Based on this fact, astrologers even used to treat illness by specifically focusing on that one particular body part.

Though we don’t practise medicine the old way today, but the belief of each zodiac sign ruling over certain body parts is still intact (about which you can read here). So to explore the arena more, we asked our astrologers what is each zodiac sign’s favourite erogenous zone. In simple words, what is the easiest way to turn on each zodiac sign? And here is what ended up with. 

Aries erogenous zone 

Aries born are one of the most horny zodiac signs of them all. And though that should make you think that their erogenous zone would be somewhere between the legs, but that supposedly is not the case. Aries favourite erogenous zone is the shoulder. So the next time when you are massaging their shoulder, don’t get surprised if they start moaning after a while. Also, though shoulder kisses do not occupy much screen space in the movies anymore, but if you really want the Aries to like your first move, start with kissing their shoulder.

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Taurus erogenous zone

Taurus, the bull, is best tamed if you can kiss their neck. Though Taurus is one of the most horniest zodiac signs, however, their way to arouse and get aroused revolves around an elongated role play. So if you seek to fasten the things up (which you won’t seek for sure), all you need to do is kiss their neck. Thereafter, you are to blame for what happens next.

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Gemini erogenous zone

Each day is arm day for the twins. While pinning someone down and holding their wrists against the bed is a basic act of love for most people, but doing the same to the Gemini is very arousing. As Gemini’s erogenous zone is the arm, they would like it if you stretch them out, massage them, play with their fingers or simply hold on to their arms while you are out on a walk.

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Cancer erogenous zone

The emotional and sensitive carbs are really good at grabbing the chest and breast. And the good part is that the act won’t hurt you a bit. Cancer men like it when someone places their palm on their chest and cancer women, on the other hand, likes all kinds of stuff happening to them around that area. A Cancer fascination for the breast area is due to their fertile and sensitive desires.

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Leo erogenous zone

Nothing turns on Leo more than simply being with their love. That’s one reason why they govern the heart. Apart from the heart, Leo favourite erogenous zone is the spine area, aka the back. So, the next time you hug your Leo love, make sure you hold on to them for a bit longer and run your hands somewhere close to their spine. That’s an instant turn on for the Leos.

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Virgo erogenous zone

Virgos are the organisers of the zodiac jungle and hence they have a hold over the digestive system in the human body. So when it comes to their favourite erogenous zone, planting kisses on their stomach and waistline could simply prompt them to hold you between their thighs and not letting you go until you are doing what they want you to do. That’s steamy.

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Libra erogenous zone

Touching what body part turns on the Libra? Well, that would be buttocks. So if your forte is spanking or you simply have those big hands, getting yourself a Libra is as fun as fun can get. Libras are attracted to buttocks because it reminds them of the scale that they are represented by. A secret, most Libras women would really like it if you stick your chest to their buttocks while kissing their waistline.

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Scorpio erogenous zone

For the ones waiting for the main course, here you have it for yourself. Meet the horinest people of the zodiac jungle, whose erogenous zone is the sex organ. However, this isn’t an invitation for you to directly get into piercing the crack. Scorpios are very demanding by nature and also very tough to satisfy. So you need to be innovative around their genitals and add oral, bondage and hand play to your to-dos before you finally thrust them.

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Sagittarius erogenous zone

Add holding the ankles and spreading her legs to gently kiss the thighs on your to-dos if you really want to please the Sagittarius woman in your life. Sagittarius are the explorers’ sign, whose erogenous zones are their thighs and hips. And while they use their hips to explore the world, you, as their partner, must focus on getting them the tiniest shorts and staying close to their thighs.

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Capricorn erogenous zone

While knees may not sound sexy to you, but they surely are for the Capricorns for all the astrological reasons. As Capricorns rule over the skeletal system, they like to be stretched and are known for easily acing the toughest ‘positions’. Also, knees just don’t only represent the area where they like to be touched but also their fondness of getting on the knees both when you are in your clothes and off clothes.

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Aquarius erogenous zone

The air sign Aquarius is associated with ankles in the human body. However, using the ankles to your advantage could be a pretty difficult task, as people really don’t go ‘that far’. So how could you be an exception? Well, simply grab that portion (when they are on the bed) to pull them close. Or simply stretch their legs by holding them from the ankles. And the most endearing? Bring them an anklet as it gives you an excuse to kiss their ankle.

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Pisces erogenous zone

When Rachel said toes, she must be thinking Pisces. And though Monica may not agree, but Rachel could always add on ‘feet’ to Monica’s list of 7 erogenous zones. Because, why not? Well, we really think there is something sexy about feet that make it Pisces favourite erogenous zone. The last sign of the zodiac, Pisceans, are believed to absorb all the lessons of the eleven signs. And given that load, some pampering of the feet is the least they can ask for.

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