Herbs As Remedies In Astrology: A Solution To Strengthen Your Planets

As per Vedic astrology, we have nine planets, and all of them govern different minerals and energies in your body. Things go great if you have a powerful planet in your bag. While for the time when you don’t, you suffer from weak or debilitating planets. And, for the same, you have remedies of mantras and chants, puja, gemstones, and so on. Then comes the herbs as remedies in astrology, one more way you can cure your weak planet, the herbs.

For ages, Indian astrologers have been using herbs as remedies in astrology. With being easily accessible, they also strongly affect our lives as we consume them on a daily basis and aspire or endeavors along with it. Check out the herbs you can involve in your diet according to which planet you have weak in your chart.

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Sun could be aroused by fiery and spicy herbs. Generally, plants with heart-formed leaves are perfect herbs as remedies in astrology for a weak Sun. So you can involve herbs like Black pepper, Dry ginger, Cinnamon, and Saffron. Also, you can include cardamom and cayenne in your diet.

Moreover, plants like Lime, Carrot, Orange, and Rosemary could also be helpful when dealing with problems of weak Sun. All these herbs and plants help in better circulation and functioning of the heart. Furthermore, you can wear or put up a root of Bent plant, wrapped in a pink fabric with you. Also, you can even involve herb oils like eucalyptus oil or camphor oil.

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Herbs great to cure a weak Moon massively include pale, yellow, or white flowers which are Moon or juicy in shape. Mostly plants like watercress and peppermint help best when dealing with debilitating Moon. Also, herbs like Chamomile, Jasmine, Lemon, and Camphor possess curing weak planet properties and are highly suggested by astrologers.

However, if you don’t wish to include any herb in your diet, you can always keep them with you. You can tie the root of Khirni in a white fabric around your neck, waist, or arm and possess its properties to cure your weak Moon. Also, you may put on some healing oils on your heart composed of Lotus, Lily, or Jasmine.

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Jupiter is known to be a planet of expansion, and if weak, you lack wisdom and the knack of learning. There are various herbs as remedies in astrology for a weak Jupiter. It shall provide you with positive energies and a pleasant mindset. When you consume Ginseng, Bala, and Ashwagandha with milk, you shall clear the shadow effects over your planet Jupiter. Also, nuts like Walnuts, Cashews, and Almonds baked in Black pepper and Salt, nullify the weak characteristics of Jupiter.

With that, you can tie a banana or turmeric plant root in your hand, waist, or arm in a yellow cloth or keep it in your pocket. You may also involve some Sage, Clove, and Nutmeg in your daily diet to strengthen your Jupiter effortlessly.

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Plants that are fuzzy and hairy are best to use as a remedy when you have a weak Mercury planet. Mercury balances the entire planetary sheet, and to balance it you can use herbs like Mint, Sage, Lavender, and Camomile. With it, Eclipta, Passionflower, and Jatamansi are also ideal for curing the weak Mercury. Interestingly, the holy basil or Tulsi you use at home is a big hint when Mercury is malefic.

Just in case you don’t wish to consume any of them in your daily diet, you can always go for aroma or oil therapy. For the same, Cedar, Thyme, Lotus, and Sandalwood is an ideal recommendation. Furthermore, you can also tie Bharangi or Vidhara’s root in a green cloth or put it in your pocket. Also, herbs like Fennel, Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Dill shall be ideal for treating weak Mercury issues.

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Planet Venus is for luxuries and beauty. And to cure the planet of admiration are herbs as bright and colorful as the planet itself. You can utilize Rose, Jasmine, Cardamom, Lavender, and Lily. Scents of them, shall help a lot, i.e., the aromatherapy to deal with malefic or weak Venus.

Consulting our astrologers, we’ve got you some other herbs as well, like Sage, Vervain, and Burdock, which strongly influence the planet Venus and acts as rightful herbs as remedies in astrology. Moreover, you can utilize tonics like Aloe Vera, Red raspberry, and Shatavari to cure Venus. On the other hand, you can also own the root of Arand or Pomegranate in a white cloth or keep it with you in your purse or pocket.

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Planet Mars is for aggressiveness in your natal chart. Generally, what happens is that the herbs that work for the Sun work for Mars too. For Sun, you can consume the herbs solely. However, for Mars, you must have them blending with a tonic like Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Guggul, or Astragalus. Also, plants with thorns are helpful as herbs as remedies in astrology to treat weak Mars.

Furthermore, to enhance the malefic effects of Mars, you can have Garlic, Onion, Coriander, Ginger, and Basil. Other than these, some bitter herbs like Echinacea and Goldenseal and herbs grown under unpleasant conditions are also great for curing weak Mars situations.

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Planet Saturn is the planet foraging and life. Herbs with lumpy and perennial traits and woody nature with long life are great to treat weak Saturn. To be precise, Kava kava and Mullein are a few such herbs. Also, Guggul, Shilajit, Myrrh, and Haritaki are good if you have Saturn weak in your birth chart. Herbs such as Oak, Patchouli, and Fir are also exceptional herbs as remedies in astrology for planet Saturn.

You can also go for aromatherapy using aromatic oils like Cedar, Sandalwood, and Juniper. Furthermore, an ayurvedic herb like Triphala also works wonders for weak Saturn and cleanses and tonifies all tissues in your body. Plus, you can tie or keep Bichu buti covered in a black cloth to remove the malefic effects of Saturn.

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Rahu is a malefic planet. The best herbs for weak Rahu in your chart are Bayberry, Eucalyptus, and Camphor. Moreover, scenting plants like Lotus and Sandalwood are also recommendable for Rahu. However, the topmost herb for curing weak Rahu is Calamus or Vach. If you don’t wish to consume any of these in your diet, you could tie Rosemary with Sweet chandan mool and tie it around your arm, waist, or neck or keep it in your pocket or purse.

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Ketu is equally malefic as Rahu and can affect your life in the worst way possible. You may use Ginger, Juniper, Passionflower, and Sage from your everyday pantry to cure Ketu’s malefic influence. Also, aromatic herbs like Cedar and Frankincense do well on weak Ketu. However, the best herb for weak Ketu is Bhringaraj to include in your daily life. On the other hand, if you don’t wish to have them as a food ingredient, you may wrap Ashwagandha in a yellow or black cloth and keep them in your pocket or tie around your waist, neck, or arm.

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