Know What Your Eye Colour Says About Your Personality

Ankhe khuli ya ho band, they still remain the window to our soul. 

Isn’t it interesting how simply observing someone’s eyes can tell you about their mood, what they might be thinking or simply, what it is that they desire?  

How come? You might be wondering. Happens, just like our fingers or the shape of our toes can tell us a lot about ourselves, similarly, the colour of our eyes also can spew a lot of information about our personality. Eye colour may be a gentic-trait but again, that is something God gifted. And God doesn’t do anything for no reason. 

So with that being a fact, we asked our astrologers to give us an insight into what one’s eye colour could possibly reveal about their personality and this is what they told us.

Brown colour eye meaning

Brown eye colour, even if this breaks your heart, is the most common eye colour out there. As many as 55 per cent of people in the world own this eye colour. So what does a brown-coloured eye really say about your personality? People with brown eyes are said to be the sensitive kind. However, your sensitive attitude doesn’t stop you from attaining greatness or love or fame or anything you could possibly think of. As a person, you are confident and have a tendency to lead. You are also a bit secretive but, again, that doesn’t stop you from being dependable and trustworthy. People with medium brown eye colour are said to be very romantic. They are simple, optimistic and have a passion for achieving what they have set their mind on – including that one human at the bar.

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On the downside, the brown eye meaning explains that these people have got trust issues. You find it tough to make friends and even sometimes fall in love. You may develop some bad habits after the age of 25, however, may also snap out of them quickly. These people are also prone to stress.

Blue colour eye meaning 

Though blue eyes may not hypnotise us, but having such a beautiful pair of eyes is truly a blessing. Decoding the blue colour eye meaning, the most known personality trait of these people is that they are extra sweet. A.k.a, they can really lure you to get anything done by simply pronouncing an elongated pleaseeeee!! Thus make sure you have your guard up. Secondly, people with blue-coloured eyes are highly immune to pain both physical and emotional. They can tolerate much more pain than any other person in the room. These people also have a flirty nature and make they also make a great partner in bed. They lookout for new things to try and it’s always fun to ditch the clothes around them. Such people are also said to have great stamina and a thirst for wanderlust.  

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On the downside, having blue eyes is associated with a selfish attitude. At instances (including when in a relationship), you may think highly of yourself, which is something that could make your partner uncomfortable. 

Black colour eye meaning

It is a belief among the astrologers that people with black, especially dark black, eyes are really trustworthy. You can tell them a secret or two and trust them to take it to the grave with them without letting anyone get a hint of it. Also, these people are very supportive as they are well aware of their responsibilities. People with black colour eyes can withstand stress and pressure efficiently. The best thing about these humans is that they are very strong emotionally. They are experts at hiding their feelings and not being affected by emotional upheaval. Also, if you seek an advice about a thing or two, getting theirs would be the most valuable as it comes from experiments and experience. 

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On the downside, having feelings that are tough to breach makes these people secretive. Others usally confuse their penchant to stay aloof with their ego and thus distance themselves from them. This way, one with black eyes miss out on friends and even love sometimes. These people are mostly very concerned about their future and in the process, end up hurting their present. 

Hazel colour eye meaning 

Having hazel-colour eyes in itself is a jackpot as it is one of the most uncommon shades. Hazel colour is a mix of brown and grey colour. People with this eye colour are said to have a positive outlook on life. You are someone who likes to live in the present and try to give all of yours into it. Also, you like trying new things and are least afraid about failing in doing so. You have a good sense of when to start or end a thing. Also, you are courageous and have a liking to keep yourself in shape. 

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On the downside, people with hazel-coloured eyes have a temper issue. Due to their ever bubbling temper, they find it tough to maintain their relationship for longer. Also, these people are very secretive, which has one doubting them even if there is nothing to doubt. 

Green colour eye meaning  

People with green eyes are very creative. And though they still can’t make a machine to make gold out of a potato, but they have plenty of ideas about love, life, sex, work and everything that you would want to listen keenly to. These people are like a breath of sunshine when it comes to aid and comfort. You can rely on them for a clean room, comfy clothes and lots of food besides the best collection of music. People sporting green eye colour are also very friendly and enthusiastic in nature and are known to cater the best advices. Being trustworthy, shy and having a high sex appeal is also linked to green-eyed individuals. 

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Talking about negative traits, these people tend to get jealous very easily. They can’t withstand someone talking to their partner or simply making their best friend laugh. Green eye colour is also linked to being egocentric and sceptical of others. 

Grey colour eye meaning 

This cool-toned eye colour is all about putting up a strong demeanour. These people are gentle and wise in their approach towards anything and everything that comes to them. People with grey eye colour are said to take everything very seriously. Right from their work to their love life, they are able to balance all of it. If you own grey eyes, you are a conversation starter. People like you for your humour, while you like making fun of them while assuring they aren’t offended by it. 

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On the downside, these people often find themselves plagued with an intense inner conflict of emotions. Owing to this, they end up making ill-thought and rational decisions. But no matter what the struggle, they emerge as strong as ever. 

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