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12 Skills That Become Less Impressive the Older You Get

Basic Computer Literacy

In the digital age, basic computer literacy is a fundamental skill. As technology advances, the bar is continually raised, making basic skills less impressive.

Typing Speed

While fast typing is handy, it becomes less relevant as voice recognition and AI technology gain popularity.

Using Email

With the rise of instant messaging and collaboration tools, the importance of email proficiency diminishes over time.

Basic Mathematics

Simple arithmetic skills remain essential, but advanced calculations are now heavily automated.


With information at our fingertips, memorization skills are less valued compared to critical thinking and problem-solving.

Manual Navigation

GPS and navigation apps make traditional map-reading skills less necessary.

Speaking Multiple Languages

While valuable, with globalization, multilingualism is becoming more common, reducing its rarity.

Playing Instruments

Playing instruments impresses, but as a hobby, it may lose significance with age.

Social Media Management

While still relevant, younger generations naturally have an edge in this area.

Basic Cooking

As people age, basic cooking skills are often surpassed by more advanced culinary techniques.

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