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11 Excuses Cheaters Use When They Get Caught


Cheating is a painful betrayal, and when cheaters are confronted, they often resort to excuses to justify their actions.

"It was a mistake!"

One of the most common excuses is claiming that cheating was a mere mistake, but repeated actions indicate otherwise.

"You didn't give me enough attention."

Some cheaters blame their partner, stating they were driven to cheat due to lack of attention in the relationship.

"I was drunk or high."

Alcohol or substance abuse is sometimes used as an excuse, but it doesn't absolve them of responsibility.

"It didn't mean anything."

Cheaters may downplay their actions, saying the affair had no emotional significance, but it still hurts their partner deeply.

"I was unhappy in the relationship."

Claiming unhappiness as a reason for cheating shifts the blame but doesn't justify their betrayal.

"I felt neglected."

Similar to lack of attention, feeling neglected is used as a pretext to seek affection elsewhere.

"You pushed me to do it."

Some cheaters manipulate their partner by suggesting their behavior forced them into cheating.

"Everyone else does it."

This excuse tries to normalize cheating but fails to address the breach of trust it causes.

"I thought you were cheating too."

Accusing their partner of infidelity without evidence is a way to divert attention from their actions.

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