3 Astrological Signs That Are Probably To Get Betrayed On

1. Aquarius  Aquariuses are chilly and unsympathetic. Though decent, they exploit this coldness to avoid closeness. 

Aquarius  Aquarius partners may struggle to connect and assume their Aquarius doesn't care about their issues. 

Aquarius   Their relationships may feel neglected since Aquarius is always transforming the world. This is when they start looking for love, attention, and connection.


2. Cancer Cancers' mood swings and selfishness might make their spouses cheat. Loving yet easily manipulated, they may attract dishonest companions. 

Cancer Cancers are emotional and needy, which might drive their lovers away.

3. Virgo Virgos are analytical and might get caught up in the minutiae and forget to be attentive companions.

Virgo They struggle to see their beauty and value. Their fears may make them seem weak to a partner, who may seek a more confident and attentive spouse.

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