4 Healthier Cooking Oils (and 2 to Avoid)

Olive oil has a medium smoke point and works well for baking and cooking. It’s rich in antioxidants and may have anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and heart-health benefits.

1. Olive oil

It may have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and heart-health benefits. It also has a higher smoke point that works well for high heat cooking methods like deep frying.

2. Avocado oil

Sesame oil offers numerous benefits and has a medium-high smoke point and versatile, nutty flavor.

3. Sesame oil

High oleic safflower oil may have anti-inflammatory properties, and promote heart health and blood sugar management.

4. Safflower oil

Health-wise, palm oil is calorie dense. The main problem here is ethical, as the production of palm oil has been strongly linked to rainforest destruction and a loss of biodiversity

Palm oil

However, it’s also best to reserve for cold preparations like salad dressing. It has a lower smoke point, and goes rancid quickly, so storing it in the refrigerator will help preserve its shelf life

Walnut oil