4  cat breeds that love water

1. Main Coon The Maine Coon is a huge cat that may reach 40 inches in length and weigh up to 18 pounds (8.2 kgs). 

Main Coon Maine Coons are large, sociable, and silly. These sweet, faithful cats adore their families and come when called.

Main Coon Maine Coons enjoy water best. This cat loves playing in the sink or taking a bath. Their semi-waterproof fur keeps them warm and dry.

2. Bengal Bengals aren't your typical cat, but we're not sure whether they're more like humans or dogs. Bengals are adventurous, gregarious, lively, communicative, and loving.

Bengal Bengals are popular since they're lovely and wild. These inquisitive furkids often accompany their pet parents on kayaks or boats. 

Bengal If you allow them, these cats will swim in the bath or pool with you. However, Bengal cats have a strong prey drive and can happily drop their paw into an aquarium to play with a fish!


3. Turkish Van The energetic, fun-loving Turkish Van needs plenty of care, so it's perfect for those with time. They are excellent land and aquatic athletes, especially in the water.

Turkish Van The Turkish Van, nicknamed "The Swimming Cat," has a silky, water-resistant coat that allows it to play in the water for lengthy periods of time. 

Turkish Van These acrobatic cats will leap and somersault for hours while playing with toys and trying to amuse you. They're clumsy, so lock up your breakables! 

4. Abyssian Abys are intelligent and kind, making them wonderful pets for any family. The Aby, an energetic cat that likes to leap and play, will keep you on your toes, but they can occupy themselves for hours.

 Abyssian Your Abyssinian may learn to turn the faucet on so they may play in their own water park. They love water. They love swimming in the bath.