6 of the Most Beautiful Places in the World at Christmastime

Ah, there's so much to love about London at Christmastime! The stores are decked, the teas are Christmas-themed, and there are oversized trees everywhere you look.

London, England

A walk through Central Park (ideally with snow), 5th Avenue's glorious window displays, and Macy's Herald Square (because you deserve a Miracle on 34th Street).

New York

Paris lights up—quite literally—at Christmas. All of the most famous designer stores (Chanel, Dior, Louis, mais oui) decorate their facades, as do the hotels, including The Ritz, pictured here.

Paris, France

Of course, Paris isn't the only stop you should be making in France. There's also Cologne, one of the many gorgeous European cities to host an equally beautiful Christmas market.

Cologne, France


The official Santa Claus Village is a Christmas lover's dream—complete with reindeer, who, yes, can pull you through the snow on a sleigh.

Lapland, Finland

There are multiple Christmas villages set up all over the city, including the major one set up in front of its City Hall (pictured here).

Vienna, Austria

ou can go north to Quebec City: Montreal's beautiful village, topped by the castle-like Chateau Frontenac, truly looks like something out of a French fairytale, especially come December.

Quebec City, Quebec

As soon as the season hits, all the décor, including the tallest decorated Christmas tree in Europe, gives the North Pole a run for its money.

Strasbourg, France


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