7 Zodiac Signs That Feel Violated By Broken Promises

7. Virgo 

They'll be understanding if anything comes up that prevents you from keeping a promise because Virgos like to lead with their heads rather than their hearts. 

6. Libra

They won't be happy with you if they discover that you are lying to them, and because they are so intelligent, it won't be difficult for them to detect your dishonesty.

5. Cancer 

Cancers are extremely sentimental. Because they are sensitive, they won't allow you get away with mistreating them. 

4. Scorpio

They'll think about the issue until they fully realize your behavior's reason. They want responses. If not, they will continue to worry about the situation.

3. Aries 

Aries won't hold back when criticising you for your errors. They'll bring it up if you hurt their feelings or break a promise.

2. Aquarius

 They're going to question you and demand an answer, asking you what the hell you were thinking.

1. Leo

Leos aren't stupid, and when you treat them as if they are, they don't like it. Even when it hurts, they expect their partners to be honest with them.