7 Zodiac Signs You Want On Your Side In A Fight

7. Aries

Aries people have a fiery temper and are born fighters. They are fiercely committed and will stand their ground against any challenge.

6. Libra

Libra respond favourably to calls to action and believe it is respectable to bravely defend those they care about and love.

5. Gemini

One who fights twice. Geminis, popularly known as "the twins," pack a stronger punch than any other sign of the zodiac. The twins are portrayed by Brawn and Brain.

4. Scorpio 

As Scorpios are very cunning, you won't know when they're going to attack you, but when they do, you'll feel the sting and you'll never forget it.

3. Cancer

Anyone who challenges a Cancer needs to possess huge balls. They always fall lower when you do, which forces you to reevaluate your motivation.

2. Aquarius

They will read you for filth by looking you directly in the eye in a calm state of mind rather than shouting or using physical gestures to make their point. 

1. Leo

They won't hesitate to be ugly if prodded, especially if they are supporting a just cause. Yet, it hurts much more when they can intellectually own your ass.