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8 Fashion Rules for Wearing Statement Pieces

Neutrals/ flat colors work best with statement pieces, especially accessories. Avoid wearing extravagant necklaces with patterned garments.

Let the Piece Stand Out

For a statement piece, choose unique, quirky details but avoid being too loud or impractical. Harmonize with your outfit.

Mind the Details of Your Piece

Wear one statement piece at a time, balance with dainty jewelry. Pair large necklaces with simple rings/earrings.

Don’t Wear Statement Pieces Simultaneously

Emphasize statement necklaces with suitable necklines. Wear hair up or behind ears with big earrings.

Wear Jewelry with the Right Neckline and Hairstyle

Pick statement pieces that suit your style, not trends. Choose colors and patterns that work with your wardrobe.

Stick to the Style You’re Most Comfortable With

Match tops and bottoms for easy statement piece styling. Dresses, jumpsuits, and skirt-and-top sets work well.

Wear Matching Outfits

Refresh cottagecore dresses with styling tricks: add fringed waistcoats/jackets, bucket hats, swimwear, mix florals with metallics.

Opt for Colors That Look Good Together

Keep makeup simple to draw attention to statement jewelry. Match statement clothes with makeup.

Keep Your Makeup Subtle