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8 Simple Tips on How to Photograph Cats in Clothes

Capture your cat's unique personality in photos. Be patient and take breaks if needed to ease nerves.

Create a Calm, Relaxed Environment

Optimize your energy during photo sessions with your cat, especially when working with sleepy kittens in cozy sweaters.

. . . But Maybe Not Too Relaxed

Keep your cat model engaged by sharing excitement and building rapport. It brings out their charm.

Give Your Model Paw-sitive Feedback

Assign your cat a task on set to keep them engaged, like reading or baking, so they aren't distracted by the camera.

Give Your Subject a Job or Task

Include a friend to relax your cat during a photo session: a littermate, a toy, or a stuffie.

Invite a Fur-Ever Friend

Reward your feline model with a snack, drink, or playtime like laser pointer, customized to their preference.

Treat Your Models to Something Special

Freshen up your cat's look during photo sessions with wardrobe changes. Plan ahead and communicate expectations to avoid surprises.

Include Wardrobe Changes in Your Plan

Get ready for Spring ! Use bunny ears, flowers, and pastel colors to evoke the season. try sunglasses, tropical prints, and pool floaties.

Keep it Seasonal