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8 Stress-Reducing Tips 

Don't get discouraged by extended hours of lotus meditation. Mindfulness is focusing on the now rather than the past or future. 

1. Mindfulness

Stress causes shallow breathing, which increases stress. Stand or sit calmly and breathe deeply. Inhaling should enlarge your belly. Two or three breaths should settle you. 

2. Breathe Deeply

Laughter reduces stress. Talk to a hilarious coworker or watch a YouTube video. Laughing releases endorphins that relieve tension.   

3. Laugh

Music reduces tension. Sing along to your Spotify collection of favorite tunes.

4. Play Music

Regular exercise relieves stress and makes us more robust to it. Attend a class you like often for optimum results. 

5. Workout

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Walking reduces stress. much a few minutes strolling across the city on your lunch break will help, but finding a green place and being outside is much better.  

6. Walk

Poor sleep raises stress and makes everything worse. Sleeping well improves health, mood, and stress levels. Turn off the TV!  

7. Better Sleep

Omega-3 supplements reduced anxiety among medical students by 20%, according to the Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research, Ohio State University College of Medicine. 

8. Fish Oil Supplements

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