Americans' favorite dogs

Labrador retriever Remember the last movie or program featuring a dog. That dog was probably a lab—for good cause. Labs need as much affection as they give, and they have enough. This sociable dog will love anybody it meets.

German Shepherds German Shepherds are the most well-recognized dogs in America. Shepherds are nimble and trainable despite their size and strength. Loyal breeds are rare.

Golden retrievers These loyal, joyful, and extroverted dogs are densely built. Retrievers have been popular in American homes for years due to their eagerness and playfulness.

French Bulldogs Bulldogs are cuddlers and couch potatoes despite their imposing moniker. They'll happily stroll with their owners, but they won't learn party skills.


Poodles Toy, mini, and standard poodles are energetic, intelligent, and graceful. Low-allergen breeds are snobby. This dog is athletic and will flourish in training.

Beagles They hunt and snuggle. Beagles are friendly, expressive canines who require plenty of leisure to play or hunt.

Rottweilers Rottweilers are large, calm, and aloof. They're popular among families searching for a security dog and playmate for younger children.

Dachshunds Dachshunds are vibrant and expressive. Dachshunds come in numerous hues and hair lengths. Mini or regular sizes make them suitable for city dwellers and those with more room.

Huskies Siberian Huskies are pack-oriented, protective canines. Husky watchdogs may be overly social.

Australian shepherds Herding dogs are smart, task-oriented, and trainable. Australian shepherds aren't lap dogs—they need plenty of activity and mental and physical stimulation.