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Best Soup For Your Zodiac Sign

Aquarius, you see yourself in Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup, reflecting space travel and innovation.


Virgo rules the stomach and healing. Wonton soup, infused with medicinal herbs during China's Tang Dynasty, reflects Virgo's nurturing and curative nature.


Scorpio is a multi-layered onion; it takes time to unravel its secrets. Scorpio chef introduced the French onion soup to America, a rich and curative dish.


Gemini, a mutable air sign, loves controversy and is hard to pin down, just like the origins of the hotly contested pho soup, a soup as flexible as their nature.


Capricorn is synonymous with scarcity, superiority complexes and inherited lessons. Miso paste, restricted to the wealthy, improves with age via fermentation, reflecting Capricorn's rise to power.


Aries rules the head and tortellini pasta looks like a top hat. Italian provinces of Bologna and Modena have both claimed to have originated this dish.


Libra rules partnerships and balance, and wedding soup symbolizes the harmonious union of meat, broth, and vegetables. Despite its name, it wasn't served at weddings.


Taurus rules appetites, making potato soup the perfect match with its rich, indulgent flavor. Add bacon and scallions, and you've got a soup fit for a bull. Taco soup is a close second.


Tortilla soup, a lesson in resourcefulness, flavored with dried chiles, reflects Sagittarius' optimistic nature. Marijuana matzo ball soup is a runner up for this experimental sign.


Ruled by the sun and unafraid of the spotlight, Leo's soup is Andy Warhol's famous Campbell's can, an artistic ode to the colorfully bold and impossible to ignore.


Cancer's soup is chicken noodle, a familiar 'get well soon' sentiment rooted in nurturing and family. It inspired 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' series.


Pisces, ruled by Neptune, the poet of the zodiac, blurs mothers, moons, matzo balls in the crowdsourced poem "The Ceremony of Giving" with feeling over reason.