Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes DENIES Packers CB Keisean Nixon's claims he read his sign before game-changing inter 

Following the Green Bay Packers' upset victory over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night, Packers cornerback Keisean Nixon claimed he knew what route combination was coming based on Mahomes tapping his knee before the snap. Mahomes, however, disputes this claim.

Nixon's claim: In the locker room after the game, Nixon said, "I saw the thing and knew the play." He attributed his interception to his ability to read Mahomes' pre-snap signal.

Mahomes' response: During his Wednesday press conference, Mahomes denied that Nixon could have read his signal. He stated, "I saw he said that: He saw the thing and knew the play.


Media coverage: This controversy has been widely reported in the sports media, with some outlets giving more credence to Nixon's claim and others siding with Mahomes.

Who to believe: There is no clear evidence to support either side of the story. Ultimately, it comes down to who you believe is more credible: Nixon or Mahomes.

Impact on the game: Regardless of whether or not Nixon read the signal, his interception was a crucial turning point in the game. It helped the Packers secure their victory over the heavily favored Chiefs.

Potential consequences: If it is later proven that the Packers did indeed steal the Chiefs' signals, they could face significant penalties from the NFL.

It remains to be seen whether this controversy will be resolved definitively. However, it is a fascinating story that highlights the importance of pre-snap communication and signal security in the NFL.


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