Chiefs vs. Packers Weather Report: Will Snow Cause Havoc for Travis Kelce, Rashee Rice, Christian Watson, and Others?

The weather forecast for Sunday night's Chiefs vs. Packers game is calling for a 14% chance of precipitation at kickoff, decreasing throughout the game.

Temperatures are expected to be in the low-30s, with winds from the north at 7 mph.

Despite the low chance of snow, it is possible that flurries could fall during the game. However, the snow is not expected to be heavy enough to cause any major disruptions.

7:00 PM CST: 14% chance of snow, 31 degrees, 7 mph wind from the north

9:00 PM CST: 4% chance of snow, 28 degrees, 7 mph wind from the north


10:00 PM CST: 2% chance of snow, 27 degrees, 7 mph wind from the north

As you can see, the chance of snow decreases significantly as the game goes on. By the end of the game, the chance of snow is just 2%.

Overall, the weather is not expected to be a major factor in Sunday night's game. The players should be able to play through any light snow that falls, and the field is not expected to be affected.


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