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Cute facts about love

Heartbeats of older couples sync together. Their closeness to each other creates an intricate interaction between how their hearts beat together. 

Synched heart rates

Link between chocolate and lovers is evident. Eating chocolate can momentarily make one feel like they do when they are in love by releasing serotonin. 

Give me love, give me chocolate

Feeling anxious/ nerves/ crazy? Just go ahead and hold the hand of the one you love as it will calm you down and reassure your nervous state of mind.

Hold my hand

It is a way for a couple to establish comfort & bond with each other. It especially becomes a marker of intimacy & connection in long-term relationships.

Kissing is not just for arousal

The levels of intimacy, romantic, love and passion significantly increase when you look into each other’s eyes for some time.

That mutual loving gaze

Both genders (men/ women) are affectionate when in love, but there are subtle differences in these affectionate acts.

Expressing love

Couples can form a stronger bond despite being in a long-distance relationship as the focus can turn towards regular and deliberate communication.

Long-distance relationships’ magic

Women are considered once that fall quickly in love; however, a study shows that men are quicker to fall in love and confess their love compared to women.

Saying, “I love you.”

A positive partner-perceived sense of humor significantly impacts relationship satisfaction and the longevity of love between couples.

Funny love

Love and OCD share a decrease in serotonin levels, causing anxiety. Studies have shown similar patterns in brain activity.

Love at first sight