Dog trainers swear by these weird-but-genius tricks for better dog behavior.

Once all four of your pet's paws are flat on the ground, hold a reward like Milk-Bone Minis high (the top elevator floor) and slowly lower it into their mouth. I

“If your dog thinks that barking gets him the things that he wants it is time to teach him the exact opposite—barking gets you nothing, or barking makes me leave,

Tennis Ball Rewards insum Colorful Easy Catching Tennis Balls

Elevated Training Will Help Your Pet Focus Alasdo Folding Storage Ottoman

 Your dog should also hear fireworks, garbage trucks, uniforms, caps, and more.

Try training after a lengthy walk or game of fetch to calm them.” Adventuresome canines love this sports ball launcher, which comes in numerous lengths. 

Dog owners need a sturdy, bright fetch stick. This orange fetch stick is a robust toy that withstands hard chewing. This toy works with all sizes of dogs and strengthens your bond with them.

Give Your Dog Something To Chew To Avoid "Destructive Chewing"

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