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 Each Zodiac Sign’s Favorite Pizza Topping

Aquarians are drawn to the polarizing pizza topping of pineapple because of their love for rebellion, revolution, and the unexpected


Arugula is the preferred pizza topping for Virgos, as it complements the sauce and meat while being a light addition that serves a purpose, according to Ms. Charlotte.


Scorpios love spicy toppings on their pizza, according to Ms. Charlotte, as they are ruled by the fire planet Mars and love a little heat.


Geminis are social creatures, so their pizza topping should please everyone. Tomato sauce base is perfect- sweet, rich & universally loved. Plain pizza on-the-go is a bonus.


Capricorns' favorite pizza topping is olives, as it adds a distinct salty and tangy flavor without being too expensive or excessive, fitting the sign's love of money.


Aries, the sign of war, needs protein to fuel up. Pepperoni is perfect- spicy & compact for quick bites between battles. Energize & go!


Libras, driven by luxury, would prefer pizza toppings like caramelized onions that can make a pizza more glamorous and elevated from a cheap take-out.


Taureans love the finer things, so their pizza topping must match. Truffles are perfect- rare, expensive & elevate the experience with their earthy flavor.


Sagittarians, being adventurous foodies, prefer unconventional pizza toppings like shrimp. Seafood pizza with shrimp/prawns adds a exotic flair to the Americanized dish.


Leos' favorite pizza topping should be bacon as it suits their representation by the lion, appealing to their carnivorous instincts with its sweet, salty, and smoky flavor while adding color and bulk to the pizza.


Cancers love cheese pizza as it's a comforting and rich food, fitting their sign of home and mother, according to Ms. Charlotte.


Pisces' favorite pizza topping is anchovies, fitting their representation by fish. Being open to different tastes and flavors, the umami mix of sweet, sour, bitter, and salty in anchovies is perfect for Pisces.