The Happiest Dog Breeds? Answer May Surprise You

Dog parents adore exchanging images and stories. We all have the most adorable dog. Right?

These posts can make us laugh or remind us of a great period in our lives, but they can also leave us feeling sad.

Protect My Paws examined approximately 250,000 dog-related tweets to understand this variety of feelings.

The NRC Lexicon was used to assess each tweet's emotions.

It scans the sentence for emotional words and phrases. Phrases included cheerful, sad, afraid, and trustful.

The outcome entailed a categorization of dog breeds in relation to specific emotions, yielding unexpected findings.

You may be surprised that German Shepherd Dogs are the most trustworthy and Golden Retrievers are the happy.

Military and police utilize the Doberman pinscher since it's one of the easiest dogs to train. 

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