'Beaver Moon' rising, will be final full moon of 2023

The final full moon of 2023, known as the Beaver Moon, will grace the night sky on November 27, 2023. This celestial event marks the end of autumn and the transition towards the winter season.

The Beaver Moon, also known as the Frosty Moon or the Hunter's Moon, derives its name from the belief that beavers are particularly active during this time of year, diligently preparing for the harsh winter months.

The moon will reach its peak fullness at 4:16 AM EST on November 27, 2023, offering ample opportunities for observers to witness its radiant beauty.


Native American tribes often associated this full moon with the abundance of beavers and their preparations for winter.

To enhance your Beaver Moon viewing experience, consider venturing to a dark location with an unobstructed view of the sky.

So, as the autumn season draws to a close and the winter solstice approaches, embrace the enchanting spectacle of the Beaver Moon, a celestial reminder of the cyclical nature of our world and the beauty that surrounds us.


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