Famous foods that don't deserve the hype

Delicious milkshakes. Exquisite ones with cake and other wild toppings are enjoyable and excellent.

Gold-Flake Food Food covered with gold flakes is the craziest. User: "It doesn't taste anything, therefore it just raises the meal's cost.

Disassembling a meal on a platter is deconstructed food. But it usually costs more.

No lobster eater denies loving it. Does it justify the cost? This is why many consider it overrated.

Not a sushi fan. Costly, and I don't like the components. Even fans think it's overrated and pricey.

I have never understood the appeal of caviar (fish eggs).

Oysters are another type of seafood that many find to be a delicacy, while others find it overrated or disgusting

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