Golf to roll back ball for pros and amateurs alike. Not everyone is happy

Golf's governing bodies, the USGA and R&A, have announced a plan to roll back the golf ball for both professional and amateur golfers.

The change is intended to address concerns about the increasing distance the ball is being hit, which is leading to longer courses and making the game less accessible for some players.

These changes are expected to reduce the distance the ball travels by up to 15 yards for the longest hitters, and by 5 yards or less for most golfers.

Some professional golfers, such as Rory McIlroy and Justin Thomas, have expressed support for the changes, arguing that they will make the game more sustainable and fair.

Others, such as Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka, have criticized the changes, arguing that they will penalize longer hitters and make the game less exciting.


The PGA Tour and PGA of America, which represent the interests of professional golfers, have also expressed concerns about the changes. They argue that the changes will not have a significant impact on the game and could even hurt professional golf.

However, the USGA and R&A remain committed to the changes, and they believe that they will ultimately benefit the game of golf.

Some amateur golfers worry that the changes will make the game more difficult for them to enjoy. Others are concerned that the changes will lead to higher equipment costs.

The USGA and R&A have attempted to address these concerns by emphasizing that the changes are designed to make the game more fair and sustainable for all golfers.

They have also announced a number of initiatives to help amateur golfers adjust to the new rules.


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