In July 2023, 5 Zodiacs Should Stop Settle.

Pisces, don't put yourself last since you're a people pleaser. Stop being bullied. Respect you.

Pisces  If someone doesn't respect you, don't keep them around. You can leave and find nicer folks.

Sagittarius, you can get too introspective. You overthink and feel insecure, but you are smarter than you think.

Sagittarius  Avoid letting others decide. Avoid deceiving oneself. You’re fine. You're smart. Self-confidence will get you through.

Cancer, you worry about others, which is one of your best attributes. But you can't live for others. 

 Cancer  Your opinions matter. Be heard. If you disagree, don't obey. Speak up. You matter.

Capricorn You avoid controversy. You work quietly. You can speak up if no one acknowledges your efforts or treats you like a servant

Scorpio You can be quiet and private. If you prefer it, that's fine. If you want to connect, you can. 

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