Inside Patrick Mahomes' deeply spiritual routine before every game

Patrick Mahomes is not only known for his incredible talent on the football field but also for his deep faith.

Recently, a photo of Mahomes deep in prayer surfaced on a Kansas City Chiefs fans Facebook page, showcasing his regular routine of seeking spiritual guidance before games.

Mahomes, an evangelical Christian, discovered his faith during his middle school years and has remained devout ever since.

He has made it a personal tradition to spend two hours in prayer before each game, a routine he established back in high school.


One fan expressed their admiration on the Facebook post, saying, "It's amazing to see such a talented athlete like Mahomes excel on the field while staying grounded in his faith.

Mahomes' faith has been a constant source of strength and guidance throughout his football career.

As the Chiefs currently lead the American Football Conference West division, it seems that Mahomes' prayers are being answered.

In a world where many athletes succumb to the pressures of fame and fortune, Mahomes stands out as a role model for aspiring athletes and fans alike.


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