Jon Rahm will earn more money from LIV Golf than Tiger Woods has made in entire career

Jon Rahm:Contract value: Estimates range from $400 million to $600 million. Upfront payment: Reportedly $302 million (according to The Telegraph).

Guaranteed fee: £240 million for a five-year commitment (according to The Mirror). Stake in his town team: Potentially worth an additional £200 million (according to The Mirror).

Tiger Woods:Career earnings: Approximately $1.5 billion, including prize money and endorsements (according to Forbes).


While Woods' total career earnings are undoubtedly impressive, Rahm's reported contract value from LIV Golf alone significantly surpasses that amount.

Even if we consider the lower end of the estimated range ($400 million), Rahm's deal would still be significantly higher than Woods' career earnings.

It's important to note that these are estimates and the exact figures may not be public knowledge.

However, even considering the possibility of slight variations, it's safe to say that Jon Rahm's potential earnings from LIV Golf are significantly higher than Tiger Woods' career earnings.


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