Kelly Clarkson Reveals Heartbreaking Response of Her Children to Divorce of Brandon Blackstock

Children Remington and River have been honest about their feelings on Kelly Clarkson's divorce from Brandon Blackstock.

Her children River, 8, and Remington, 6, are fathered by Brandon Blackstock. Kelly sometimes asks River and Remington about their parents' divorce.

In the March 13 episode of The Angie Martinez IRL Podcast, Kelly explained that she literally asks her kids every night, "Are you happy? And if you're not, what could make you happier?" 

Kelly said, "Sometimes they will say, especially the past two years, and it kills me, but I want them to be honest, so I don't say, 'Don't tell me.'"

"I'm raising that kind of individual. I want you to be honest with me," Kelly said. It may be hard for Kelly to hear that from her children, but she grew up in a similar environment.

Kelly noted, "I get it. I'm from a divorced family as well. I get it. That's tough. But we'll work it out. We love you both." She added, "I think communicating with them and not treating them like children is important. Their feelings are huge. They're not small feelings."

Kelly said she wouldn't get married. My family has experienced divorces as a kid. I'd love to fall in love. I'd love to find someone and fall in love, but I have children.

Kelly said she's not against marriage, but simply has her children in mind.

Growing up, I did not have the most positive experience with step-situations and re-marriages. In love is wonderful, but I don't want another man in my house with my children."