Kissing Styles Of The Zodiac Signs

Aries can kiss through turmoil. Aries wants to be in command, even lip action. Like a classic movie kiss, they hug.

Taurus: will copy your kissing. Taurus are very chameleon-like when it comes to kissing.

Cancer kisses gently but bites. Cancer's kiss climax is a sweet, delicate kiss with a bite. They nibble everywhere—lips, ears, necks, etc.


Gemini: brief, sweet kisses. Gemini kisses are properly split, moist but not wet, lovingly held in their hands, and may go from a peck to French kissing with finesse.

Leo: playful yet savage—hunting is everything. Kissing a Leo is like cat and mouse—you're the mouse! They may start at the neck or feet and rise to the lips.

Virgo knows mouth bacteria. Virgo is the least probable sign to have slobbery pashes. They're sensual and playful.

Libra: like a peach—sweet, juicy, and soft. Libras are great kissers because they practise a lot. Their gorgeous lips and killer grin make others want to kiss them.

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