Let's Celebrate The 4 Most Romantic Zodiac Signs For Summer Love.

Need help wooing a new beau? Let me tell you about the most romantic zodiac signs, which always spice things up before they cool down.

Western astrology divides the zodiac into earth, air, water, and fire. Air signs are flighty, earth signs grounded, water signs emotional, and fire signs passionate.


Tauruses dream of romance despite their stern exterior. Taurus, ruled by Venus, is drawn to the better things in life, including romance.


Is Leo's ranking surprising? Not me. Leo is positive and loving. Leos energize and inspire romance. 


Libras love shamelessly. They enjoy romance. Singles get restless! Libras rule dating because they know the rules best.


Pisces love romance the most. Since Pisces is the zodiac sign of imaginations and alternate realities, isn't romance supposed to make life more magical?

If you're reading this, you're definitely crushing hard or wondering if you can be someone's boo (even if you're a Capricorn). 

There are many factors to consider when choosing a companion, such as Venus and Mars placements and fifth and seventh house signs,