Lime Water vs. Lemon Water: Which Has More Health Benefits

The high vitamin C content supports the immune system, aids iron absorption, and boosts collagen production, while the antioxidants protect against illness and promote heart health.

Health Benefits

Limes are a round green citrus fruit with many varieties. Key, Persian, and Makrut limes are the most popular types of limes. Limes come from Southeast Asia and spread to other parts of the world.

What Are Limes?  

Lemons are yellow, sour, acidic citrus fruit. They are available year-round in the supermarket. The most popular and well-known variety is the Meyer lemon. Lemons, similar to limes, come from Southeast Asia.

What Are Lemons?


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Limes are commonly used in cooking; the juice and the zest are used to flavor dishes. The best way to get the juice is by rolling the lime under your palm on the counter to soften it and the cut and squeezing each side

History of Limes in Cooking

Historically, every part of the lemon is used in the kitchen: the juice, the peel, and even the leaves. Entire lemons are used to make lemon curd, marmalades, and liqueurs like limoncello

History of Lemons in Cooking

Lime water and lemon water are easy ways to add more citrus to your diet. These fruits are versatile and can be used in sweet and savory dishes.

Recipes with Lemons and Limes


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