Top 8 Most Popular Soft Drinks

Coca-Cola is hands down the most popular soft drinks brand! I don't think there is any argument here, especially since Coca-Cola is also one of the world's biggest companies.

Pepsi is Coca-Cola's closest competition for the throne as the world's most popular soft drinks brand. Like Coca-Cola, they're easily accessible worldwide

As a testament to the popularity of Coca-Cola, one of its flavor variants are among the most popular soft drinks.

Dr Pepper is one of the oldest soft drink brands in the US. It also ranks fourth in the top ten most popular soft drinks list.

Sprite is a lime-flavored soft drink distinguished for its clear liquid formula. Sprite is another product of the Coca-Cola Company.

Diet Pepsi is Pepsi's response to the popular Diet Coke. This variant of the original Pepsi drink was released in 1964, which is a no-sugar alternative.

Coke Zero is another product by the Coca-Cola Company on this list of the most popular soft drinks. It has a lower caffeine content than Diet Coke

Fanta is a German soft drink brand that is American-owned. It is another fruit-flavored soft drink under the Coca-Cola Company.

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