On April 24, 2023, 3 astrological signs feel upset about love.

1. Leo You don't enjoy doing things you don't believe are yours, which may make you sad about love. On April 24, 2023, you may believe you wrecked an old relationship but don't want to see it. Leo, repenting may help.

Leo Mercury sextile Mars will disturb you since you'll realize you're the cause of your love depression. Accepting blame is good. Transform your life. Sad Leo, hopeful tomorrow. It's fine.


2. Capricorn On April 24, 2023, you're depressed about your romantic life. You failed. Mercury sextile Mars makes you feel like you missed the boat after striving so hard to find love and the perfect existence.

Capricorn  welcome. This nostalgic, heartbreaking journey is shared. You've seen love's ups and downs. Humans tumble into the hole. Capricorn, love returns. Happiness returns. Expect it.

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3. Pisces Mercury sextile Mars on April 24, 2023, will awaken your shadow. The angry side equates love with happiness, therefore you associate a lack of love with sadness. You're sick of being unhappy because you don't have the perfect love partner.

Pisces You're grumpy because you don't desire love. Correct, Pisces. True love is self-love. Love yourself and ignore anxiety. Your day. Be happy.