Patrick Mahomes’ aunt mouths off against Chiefs GM’s ego in damning rant: “Tired of seeing this”

Patrick Mahomes' aunt Tinesha "The Diva" Mahomes has criticized Chiefs GM Brett Veach for his perceived ego and lack of action in addressing the team's offensive struggles.

Mahomes spoke out on her "2GemsandaMic" podcast, expressing her frustration with Veach's decision-making. She believes that Veach's ego has prevented him from making the necessary moves to improve the Chiefs' offense.

"I still say a lot of this is on [Brett] Veach," Mahomes said. "He ain't on the field but he damn well could've went and got help. That frustration is showing everywhere."


The Chiefs have struggled to score points in the second half of games this season, and Mahomes believes that Veach could have done more to address this issue.

A lot of these burdens could've been lifted if the GM would've just been out of his own head and let his ego go a little bit and went out there and got some help," Mahomes said.

Mahomes is not the only one who has been critical of Veach. Many Chiefs fans have also expressed their frustration with the team's offense and Veach's lack of action.

It remains to be seen whether Veach will take Mahomes' comments to heart and make any changes to the Chiefs' offense. However, it is clear that there is growing pressure on Veach to address the team's struggles.


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