Patrick Mahomes disappoints Henry Winkler over broken promise: I think he fibbed to me

Patrick Mahomes has disappointed Henry Winkler. The actor and author, who is a huge fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, invited Mahomes to dinner in 2022.

Mahomes agreed to go, but he never showed up. Winkler is now speaking out about the broken promise, saying that he is "disappointed" in Mahomes.

Winkler said that he was really looking forward to meeting Mahomes and getting to know him better. He said that he thought they would have a lot to talk about, including their shared love of football.


However, Mahomes never showed up for the dinner, and Winkler has not heard from him since.

Winkler said that he is not sure why Mahomes stood him up. He said that he sent Mahomes a few texts and emails, but he never got a reply.

Winkler said that he is "disappointed" in Mahomes, but he still hopes that they can meet up someday.


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