PGA Tour, Tiger Woods react to Jon Rahm's move to LIV Golf

Jon Rahm's recent announcement of joining the controversial LIV Golf series has caused significant waves in the golfing world, prompting reactions from both the PGA Tour and legendary golfer Tiger Woods.

The PGA Tour issued a statement expressing disappointment in Rahm's decision, highlighting their commitment to their existing players and tournaments.

Commissioner Jay Monahan reiterated his stance against LIV Golf, emphasizing its conflict with the PGA Tour's values and regulations.

The statement hinted at potential disciplinary actions for Rahm, including suspension or even expulsion from the tour.

While not directly addressing Rahm's move, Woods expressed concern about the potential impact of LIV Golf on the future of the sport.


He emphasized the importance of tradition and history in golf, advocating for the continuation of existing tournaments and structures.

Woods highlighted the strong relationships and rivalries built within the PGA Tour ecosystem, suggesting that LIV Golf risks fragmenting the sport.

Financial Incentives: LIV Golf's lucrative signing bonuses and guaranteed prize money are likely major factors in Rahm's decision, potentially tempting other top players to follow suit.

Competition: The emergence of LIV Golf creates a direct competitor to the PGA Tour, potentially affecting viewership, sponsorships, and the overall landscape of professional golf.

Legal Disputes: The PGA Tour and LIV Golf are currently embroiled in legal disputes, adding further uncertainty and complexity to the situation.

Players' Choices: Golfers face a difficult decision between the established structure and tradition of the PGA Tour and the financial opportunities offered by LIV Golf.


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