Rise and Shine to these 7 Mexican Breakfasts

Transform your day with this Mexican Omelette, generously stuffed with various flavors and spices that add a gourmet touch to your breakfast.

Mexican Omelette

Huevo en Salsa takes eggs to the next level by smothering them in spicy red salsa. Pair it with warm tortillas for a simple yet delicious breakfast.

Huevo en Salsa

Torrejas, the Mexican answer to French toast, are Lenten delights crafted from stale bread and a fluffy egg batter—truly heavenly and satisfying.


Molletes offer versatile enjoyment any time of day, featuring open-faced sandwiches loaded with refried beans, gooey melted cheese, and zesty pico de gallo.


Café de Olla brings traditional Mexican flavors to your coffee cup, blending whole cinnamon and piloncillo for an irresistibly sweet start to your day—especially on Sundays!

Café de Olla

Think crispy tortillas bathed in tangy tomatillo sauce, crowned with a runny egg and your favorite extras. It’s the ultimate Sunday indulgence!

Chilaquiles Verdes

The Mexican Breakfast Torta is the epitome of brunch excellence, boasting a hearty sandwich filled with creamy avocado, spicy jalapenos, and much more.

Mexican Breakfast Torta