Scientists Grew 'Mini Brains' From Stem Cells. Then, The Brains Sort-of Developed Eyes.

Scientists have grown mini brains from stem cells that have developed rudimentary eyes. This is a significant breakthrough that will help scientists understand eye development and diseases.

The mini brains are not capable of thought or emotion, but they can be used to test drugs and observe cell development.

The scientists used induced pluripotent stem cells to grow the mini brains. These stem cells can grow into many different types of tissue.


The mini brains were grown in dishes and the scientists added retinol acetate to the culture medium to help the eyes develop. The optic cups developed as early as 30 days into development.

The mini brains could be used to study eye diseases and develop new treatments.

This is a promising area of research that could lead to new treatments for blindness and other eye diseases.


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