Self-Disciplined Zodiacs

Aquarians, air signs, are amazing multitaskers.

 Aquarians  ability to overcome emotions puts them at the top of this ranking. Their brain rules their heart. 

Capricon re also mutable, so they don't stick to one plan when it fails

Capricon are the most structured and hardest-working zodiac sign. Their brain is a massive Excel spreadsheet.

. As a fixed modality, Leo have the fortitude to persevere and keep their sights on the objective.

Leos are innovative, daring, and disciplined risk-takers. Their arrogance and overconfidence can be a discipline issue.

As earth signs, Virgos are trustworthy, grounded, and solution-oriented. They're self-starters.

. In ancient movies, virgo  have an angel on one shoulder telling them to do the right thing and a devil on the other shoulder whispering in their ear to lead them wrong.

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