Simple Natural Nail Care

Bacteria cause all issues. You must prevent their reproduction. Wash and dry your nails frequently.

Nail biting is harmful. Saliva weakens and discolors nails. It damages cuticles. Putting your fingers in your mouth spreads germs and grime.

Cuticles readily break. Nail care requires cuticle care. To avoid discomfort and sticking, clip a hangnail gently. Avoid biting or picking cuticles.

Nail hygiene matters! Clean and sterilize your nail equipment and nails frequently. Dirt can easily build under long nails.

Nails and skin suffer from dryness and flakiness. Nails break easily. Moisturize to strengthen.

Nail health benefits from frequent cutting, much like hair growth. Cut them carefully. Regularly trim and shape your nails. Trim your nails straight and square or curve the tips.

Base coats preserve and nourish nails. Base coats protect your skin and nails from discoloration. It prolongs manicures and smooths polish application. Next time you paint your nails, employ a base coat—it's worth it.

A top coat makes your manicure seem polished and prevents peeling. Matte top coats are available for a matte effect.

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