Smart Things to Do in the Shower

The shower is known as an "off-limits" space. "It is a place where we are (almost) certainly not going to be bothered. "Even the sound of a running shower functions as a do not disturb sign."

Relish the solitude

From planning an outfit for a birthday party to making a mental checklist of errands for the following day, the privacy of the shower affords an opportunity for a mental workout.

Have a brainstorming session

Instead, invest in a shower radio and catch up on current events while you wash your hair.

Catch up on the news



Study after study connects singing to a multitude of health benefits, including stress relief and improved immunity.

Sing your heart out

A waterproof notepad called AquaNotes sticks to the shower wall and allows people to write down any important thoughts as soon as they pop up.

Capture your "aha moment"

Hot water to the neck works wonders for stress relief. It heat to the neck helps circulation, sending more blood to the area.

Loosen up