Solar storm sparks colorful northern lights unusually far south into U.S.

A solar storm sparked colorful northern lights unusually far south into the United States on Wednesday night, with vibrant displays visible from as far south as Oklahoma and Texas.  

The storm, caused by a coronal mass ejection from the sun, unleashed a stream of charged particles that interacted with Earth's magnetic field, creating the mesmerizing auroras.

While the northern lights are typically confined to higher latitudes, the strength of this particular storm pushed them further south.


Observers across the country took to social media to share their awe-inspiring views of the celestial ballet, with images of swirling green, red, and purple lights dancing across the night sky.

The unexpected display provided a rare opportunity for those living in lower latitudes to witness this natural phenomenon firsthand.

The solar storm is expected to continue to affect Earth's magnetic field for the next few days, so there is a chance that the northern lights could remain visible in southern regions.


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