Tarot Readers Predict Zodiac Events Before July 24.

The Five of Wands is your card.

The Five of Wands is your card.

This week has not been without its share of ups and downs. You can try to avoid conflict all you want, but it will still find you

You are fortunate in that you are skilled at battling for the causes that are important to you. 

Be certain, though, that you are not engaging in conflict for no good cause at all. 

Choose your battles wisely, my dear.The Ace of Swords belongs to you.

Have you been experiencing feelings of stagnation as of late? This week, it appears as though there will finally be a way out.

 You'll have a breakthrough, and the fresh ideas you come up with will lead to positive outcomes. You are required to just act in accordance with their instructions.

You can't just keep doing everything the same way you always have if you want things to grow better; you have to make some changes. 

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