Thousands of fans in Taylor Swift's São Paulo crowd create light display

Thousands of Taylor Swift fans in São Paulo, Brazil, created a stunning light display during her second night of her Eras Tour in the city on November 25, 2023.

The fans, known as Swifties, used their cellphone flashlights and colored cellophane to create a wave of blue, yellow, and green lights that washed over the Allianz Parque stadium.

The display was so impressive that Swift herself took notice. She stopped her performance during "Love Story" to applaud the fans and say, "Thank you for making São Paulo so blue, yellow, and green!"


The fans were thrilled to be recognized by their idol and continued to wave their lights throughout the rest of the concert. The display was a truly memorable moment for all of the attendees.

The light display was a testament to the power of fandom and the ability of music to bring people together. It was a magical moment that will be remembered for years to come.


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