Taylor Swift loves feeling ‘more free’ with Travis Kelce after ex Joe Alwyn kept their relationship private

Taylor Swift is reportedly enjoying a more open and free relationship with her new boyfriend, Travis Kelce, after keeping her previous relationship with Joe Alwyn private for years.  

A source close to the singer told Us Weekly that Swift is "really happy" with Kelce and that she appreciates his "laid-back" attitude.

"She loves that he's so easygoing and doesn't take himself too seriously," the source said. "He's also really supportive of her career and always has her back."

"She's been very private about her relationships in the past, but she's not afraid to show off her love for Travis," the source said. "She feels more free to be herself with him."


Swift and Kelce were first spotted together in September 2023, and they have been seen out and about together on several occasions since then. They have also been seen attending each other's sporting events.

A source previously told People that Swift and Kelce are "really into each other" and that they are "taking things slow."

"They're having a lot of fun together," the source said. "They're both really busy, but they make time for each other."

It is unclear how long Swift and Kelce have been dating, but they seem to be going strong. Swift's fans are happy for her and hope that she has finally found lasting love.


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