The Most to Least Likely Zodiac Signs to Cheat Part -2

7. Virgo  Virgo has never considered cheating. She may be too busy to think of sneaking around with someone else.

Virgo  Virgos are trustworthy and would rather break up than cheat. She hates drama and won't create it.

8. Pisces  Pisces cheat the most. She reacts to every mood change due to her sensitivity and emotion. If she's upset with you and gone for the night, anything may happen.

Pisces  Because of her fear of harming her partner, she's less inclined to quit an unpleasant relationship. Ironically, she may stray. She may secretly want to cheat.


9. Aries  Aries loves her mate unconditionally. Though she tries to show her love and dedication to her spouse, she may be impolite and harsh. That doesn't imply she's cheating.

Aries  She's devoted. She also understands how awful it would be to be cheated on and would never put another person through that.

10 Sagittarius Sagittarius has great morals and wouldn't want to tarnish her reputation. Sagittarius may imply an open relationship early on and state her want to date others.

Sagittarius It's not cheating if she's honest about her actions and expectations in your relationship.

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11. Aquarius  Aquarius may flirt with an ex or lead someone on to gain free drinks.

Aquarius  While never physical, some consider this emotional adultery, thus her spouse wouldn't be pleased if they knew. 

12. Scorpio  As long as you love and dedicate to Scorpio, she may be your best mate forever.

Scorpio  If she discovers even the slightest infidelity, all is over. Scorpio wants retribution for losing her allegiance. Look out!