The Reasons Why Your Birthday Devalues You

January babies have inner strength. Because you handle things on your own without asking for aid, people underestimate your strength.

February babies have the most gorgeous hearts. However, such sensitivity may be seen as a weakness by others. 

March babies value harmony. You make this world just, yet some may undervalue your neutrality and inability to choose sides because they want you to have stronger opinions.

April babies are wonderfully curious and bring that curiosity with them everywhere. 

May babies have the best self-reflection. You've learnt to be comfortable alone. 

June babies are kind-hearted and give back to the world. You dedicate yourself to persons and issues you care about. 

July-borns are more likely to be exceptionally intelligent. Your mind is your most precious asset, and you think differently to advance the globe.

August babies are hard-working and will do whatever it takes to succeed. Your work ethic and dedication to a goal may be underestimated.

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