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Top 10 ways to reduce your food waste

Keep your bread in the freezer instead of the pantry and it will stay fresh and mould free.

Store your bread in the freezer

If you’ve made too much, don’t throw away the leftovers.Check out our delicious recipes for turning small amounts of leftovers into a meal.

Eat your leftovers

If bananas are kept in the fruit bowl they ripen faster due to the ethylene gas released by fruits, Keep bananas out of the fridge and away from other fruits.

Keep bananas out of the fruit bowl

While it may be convenient to store potatoes and onions together, as they both like cool, dark conditions, storing them together will cause them to sprout faster.

Store potatoes and onions away from each other

By knowing exactly what your family will be eating for the coming meals, you’ll be able to buy only the food you need.

Plan your meals, make a list

By going to the supermarket more regularly, you can buy fresh produce in smaller quantities which means it will be fresher for when you eat it.

If you can, shop more often

If you’re not sure when you are going to eat something, freeze it, then it will be there when you need it.

If in doubt, freeze your food

Peeling vegetables/ fruits is a waste of food, time, money, fibre and nutrients, So just wash your fruit/vegetables before eating them to remove any dirt.

Don’t peel your produce

Use by date = don't eat after. Best before date = okay if not spoiled. Reduce food waste, know the difference.

Know what dates are important

Food isn't just fuel, it's a psychological activity. Experts advise engaging body, heart, and soul - eating mindfully, and listening to your body

If you can’t eat it, give it to someone who can